26 Kids Caught Doing The Funniest Things

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    Expect the unexpected these kids get caught doing the craziest and funniest things, what have you caught your little ones doing?nnn15 - Kids will be kids… nResp


    Expect the unexpected these kids get caught doing the craziest and funniest things, what have you caught your little ones doing?nnn15 - Kids will be kids… nRespect to parents, because surviving dinner time is challenging in itself – from fussy eaters, to food landing up on the floor, on laps and even in hair! I bet this mom was relieved that it was only tomato sauce, and not paint! n n14 - Top Dad… nWhen you’re a parent, you will often hear the advice about picking your battles.

    And this dad knows when to fight the fight, or just let things be… and this dad has picked his battle wisely, allowing his kids freedom to express themselves however they please.

    nn n13 - I have no idea… nThese cushions must have just exploded… right? There’s no rescuing these I’m afraid – these kids must have an incredibly fun time destroying them, but I imagine that this would definitely be one of those One IN A Lifetime happenings.

    n n12 - Not an Avid Reader… nEither that or this kid doesn’t approve of your choice of reading material.

    Regardless, you’ll have little chance of salvaging many of these books.

    n n11 - Snow Angels… nWell these kids have proven how proactive they are, by creating their own indoor winter wonderland! Perhaps you can partly blame the Frozen craze that has broken out over the past few years! n n10 - Hairdresser in the making… nI think that every parent has experienced a similar situation – whether it was self-cut, or a sibling has done a disastrous job on their brother or sister – you know that the only way to fix this, is to cut it all off! nn n9 - Mommy’s little baker man… nWho knows, this kid could grow up to be the next Jamie Oliver for all we know – but right now, he is giving his parents grey hairs for all the extra cleaning they have to go through.

    If he does become a famous chef, his payback can be cooking his parents the most sublime meals! n n8 - Expect the unexpected… nThat’s really how it is when you’re a parent.

    One minute things are going fine, and the next minute you’re fishing your kid out the toilet bowl.

    It happens.

    Just remember to take a picture before rescuing your kids from the peculiar situation they find themselves in.

    n n7 - Best Day Ever… nA day in the life of a kid must be great fun! You can pretty much wreck the place, maybe get a bit of mild punishment… only to repeat it all the next day! These kids have definitely had a blast here! n n6 - I don’t know how that happened… nThis kid has a look of sheer innocence about him.

    You almost don’t wat to believe he actually did that – but from experience, you know better! n n5 - Make-up artist in the making… nThis is a kid who’s definitely going to be ruffling through her mother’s make-up bag and smearing lipstick, mascara and foundation everywhere! Poor sibling, the unwilling participant in this creative, artistic piece of work… n n4 – For the love of peanut butter… nI know grown-ups who love peanut butter so much, they secretly wish they could do this too! Imagine the difficult task ahead of these parents, to try and remove the greasy, sticky peanut butter! nn n3 - Whilst you were sleeping! nYour mom or dad probably told you a few times that they have eyes at the back of their heads, and for a long time you might have believed them.

    But this mom’s eyes on the back of her head, and her regular ones were shut whilst napping, and this is what happens while you were sleeping! n n2 - Freedom of Expression… nAs a parent, you’re all for that when it comes to your child, but not when it involves permanent marker and your white sofa… this is going to take a massive amount of rubbing alcohol to remove – and even then, I’m doubtful of it working 100%.

    nn n1 - What happens at home… nStays at home! Well, not with this digital age we’re in the middle of.

    These siblings will forever be reminded of their human canvas drawings, and just by the looks on their faces, this is not going to be repeated in a hurry! n nDo you know a kid that did something as crazy as some of these kids? Tell us about it in the comments below and subscribe to our channel for more fun videos, just like this – thanks for watching.

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